CSR Videos

2022 | Self Defense Training for Girls

2014 | Earth Hour Ludhiana

Jain Amar celebrates the Earth Hour in Ludhiana by planting 501 saplings and vows to nurture them for life. The challenge was to plant them in 1 hours, the feat was achieved in 20 minutes. The initiative is inspired by V-Mad/ Sambhav Foundation. The MD, Sh Bipan jain himself participated in the drive and made it a success.

2015 | Community Service

JACPL the Company inaugurates the premises for the installation of the machinery and allied stuff for Unit V with incumbency. Freshly prepared food is served to the workers by the employees who are self-responsible for the preparation to the entire event

MADAME | Sheows | Diwali

Spread smiles and give back to society, that has been the motto of the Jain Amar Foundation. On the occasion of Diwali, the team spent time and distributed winter clothes to the Elderly at Sheows, NGO that runs two old age homes for the abandoned elderly in Delhi and Garhmukteshwar.

Together We Can - Jain Amar Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic has become not only a challenge to health care and economies, it has also become a test for social solidarity. In our attempt to provide a helping hand, Jain Amar Foundation undertook the duty of providing home cooked food free of cost for Covid 19 affected families.