Our Board


An English graduate Mr. Jain is the founder of JACPL and an influencer to his followers. He has been a mentor for his next generations and a pioneer in the field of business, while ensuring the ethical and moral code of business practices is well maintained.

Sunil Kumar Jain (Managing Director)

With an experience of over five decades, Sunil Kumar Jain heads Jain Amar’s finance, compliance, and code-of-ethics functions. His financial acumen, along with his analytical skills has ensured that group’s financial health, along with cash flows has stayed at-par with the best industry benchmarks. That apart, Sunil has been a key proponent of the sustenance campaign, and has been driving the group’s vision in that direction.

Bipan Jain (Director – Operations)

A graduate in Commerce, Bipan Jain has been the group’s driving force in developing newer categories and products for the group. His consumer-focused approach, coupled with solution-driven attitude has kept the Jain Amar at the fore-front of the design and innovation curve. An avid cyclist, and a permaculture enthusiast, Bipan strongly believes in sharing knowledge for collective growth. Under his leadership, the Jain Amar has created many a valued IP assets.

Akhil Jain (Executive Director)

Engaged in the business for the last two decades, Akhil, leads Jain Amar’s strategy function, that has helped create a multi-dimensional, fast-fashion powerhouse. Under his leadership, the group has seen aggressive expansion across geographies and channels. With over 150 EBOs, the premier brand Madame is the fastest growing women fashion brands in India. Akhil also championed the digital transformation within the group, and launched glamly.com – a premium one-stop destination for fashion-conscious people. A fitness enthusiast, Akhil is an ultra-marathoner, who loves running & hiking globally.

Vibhav Jain (Director - Manufacturing & Sourcing)

An expert in Project Management, Vibhav Jain is Jain Amar’s mainstay when it comes to manufacturing and procurement. Vibhav has been involved with the group for over 22 years, and his passion for attention-to-detailing has made Jain Amar’s brands stand out for quality and comfort. Under his leadership, the group has aggressively expanded its manufacturing footprint and warehousing operations.

Ashish Jain (Director - Research and Development)

A graduate in Business Management, Ashish Jain brings fresh thinking and international appeal to the Jain Amar. Under his leadership, the group expanded outside India, to establish presence in the GCC as well as EU. His entrepreneurial drive led the group to bring a JV with CAMLA Barcelona, that captures the relentless spirit of young fashion-conscious men and women.